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“The Last Word”

When February comes around, a lot of us start digging in the closet for everything we own that’s the color red.  Come March, all that red ends up buried in the back of the closet and perhaps the whole reason we trotted out that red dress in the first place.

So, as the calender turns to March, what have you really learned about your heart health? And really, has this month really challenged you to make changes?

The fact is, most of us already know we need to back away from too much salt, fat, sugar and yeah, where is that gym membership card, anyway?

But there is so much more you need to know.  That’s why this revealing interview with heart expert Dr. Cheryl Russo at Carolinas HealthCare System may save your life when February is but a distant memory.



Dr. Russo tells MyFit50 that our 50′s can be a make or break decade when it comes to our heart health.  The reason may surprise you.

“Red Hot Hormones”

Those hot flashes and other Menopausal symptoms signal changes in our hormones and hormonal changes can increase our risk factors for heart disease.  Dr. Russo says, “this is a time when our body has less estrogen and in that setting our blood pressure tends to go up as a whole and our cholesterol levels also tend to go up as a whole.”

“Thank-You, I’ll Have Another”

What is it about our 50′s that demands we have a cocktail or that second glass of wine each night?  We have heard a lot about how much is too much for our overall health including our heart.  Dr. Russo says for women, there is a point past one drink a day when alcohol of any kind can potentially cause heart problems.

And speaking of reigning in excess, Dr. Russo says we all fall off the wagon when it comes to diet, drink and exercise.  She says the best thing you can do is get back on track as soon as possible.

Good advice to hang on to as you hang-up that red dress until next year.

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