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“Is newer really better?”

“Odds Are…”

As Menopause is a right of passage for women, so too, is a hysterectomy for many women.  In fact,  one in nine women will have the procedure.  Simply put, a hysterectomy is done to remove the uterus to treat a number of health problems like fibroids and abnormal bleeding.

New Hysterectomy Techniques

There are now surgical options for women who are considering a hysterectomy.  And a new study found in the  “Journal of the American Medical Association” compares and contrasts two ‘wiz-bang’ procedures.

Researchers studied the results of minimally invasive laparoscopy and robotic assisted surgery.  They poured over the records of more than 260-thousand women who had either one of those procedures to treat non-cancer related problems.

“Worth The Money?”

On average, the newer, robotic-assisted surgery cost more than two-thousand dollars than the laparoscopic procedure.  Researchers found no difference in complication rates between the two procedures.  The bottom line:  Researchers say women should “feel comfortable” choosing the “older” procedure.  So, according to this research, there really is no need for “Mr. Roboto”.



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