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“Surgical Solution to Diabetes?”

The struggle with weight not only weighs a person down emotionally, it can cause serious and sometimes deadly health issues.  Type 2 diabetes is considered a world-wide epidemic and it’s tied to obesity.  Some people who feel they keep fighting a losing battle over obesity opt for gastric bypass surgery.   A study in “The Journal of the American Medical Association” examined whether moderately obese patients were able to control their type 2 diabetes with the surgery, lifestyle changes and drugs.

120 patients with a body mass index of 35 or more were studied.  Dr, Sayeed Ikramuddin from the University of Minnesota and co-authors say all of them received counseling and drugs to control blood pressure but half went under the knife for gastric bypass surgery.  All 120 patients were followed for a year.  Dr. Ikramuddin says the surgical group lost a whopping 25-percent of their weight compared with the medical group that lost seven to eight percent of their body weight. Dr. Ikramuddin says, “we’ve got a robust treatment and I think that for the appropriate patient we can really make a difference at one year in patients that otherwise could not reach goal.”

However, surgery is, well, surgery and there are risks.  And Dr. Ikramuddin says while a the results after a year are promising, it’s “important” to see how patients do three and five years after the operation.

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