“Butt I don’t want a bigger butt”

“Stub that butt”

It is a sad fact that if you are a smoker and quit you will likely gain on average about ten pounds.  I mean, you have to do something with your hands, so why not grab another cupcake?  That extra ten pounds are also especially troubling as we deal with the hormonal fluctuations and possible weight gain that come with our 50′s.  So, you may be asking, won’t the health risks of weight gain negate most of  the “good” that comes from stopping smoking?  That’s a question researchers posed in their study in this “JAMA Report”.

Doctor James Meigs and Dr. Nancy Rigotti from Massachusetts General Hospital are co-authors of the study you can read in the “Journal of the American Medical Association”.  They followed participants over several decades.  Some of the folks involved in the study never smoked, some did but quit and there were those who recently quit. Those folks were compared with people who couldn’t put down the ‘cigs’.

After comparing notes, researchers found people will benefit by quitting even if they are overweight, even if they have diabetes and even if they gain some weight by reaching for that cupcake instead of a smoke.  Dr. Meigs puts it this way, “Among people who quit smoking regardless of the weight gain, they were about half as likely to have a heart attack over six years of observation.”

So, while stubbing out the butt may give you a bigger butt, MyFit50 has some exercises for that.


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