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Sharon asked me to share my thoughts about Halloween now that my children are grown.  However, while they may be grown they aren’t out of the house yet which I suppose is another article for another time.

But back to the subject at hand, which is bittersweet.  Gone are the frenetic days leading up to Halloween – where the kids constantly changed their minds about the type of costume they’d like to wear. I do not miss trying to sew a Batman costume at midnight on October 30th.

Gone are the annoying trips to the grocery store and the very loud debates about which type of candy we’d buy to hand out to kids at our house.  Being frugal, I always picked the cheapest bag. But husband and young daughter would argue, “You can’t give that out! It’s, uh, it’s just embarrassing.”

Gone are the days of trying to leave work early enough so one parent could take the kids trick-or-treating before the neighbors turned off their porch lights.

But I miss seeing my pumpkins leap into the living room in their full costumes.  My favorites over the years include Tinkerbell and Batman.  Yes, that Batman costume.  The one I was sewing when I should have been sleeping.

I miss those big smiles, giggles and fidgety anticipation of raking in so much CANDY they might be able to swim in it!  I miss sneaking Snicker’s bars from daughter’s bag.  She never counted out her candy-but her brother did!

And I miss the Halloween hangover when the kids crashed after their initial ‘sugar high.’   Later and for weeks after, they were bummed that their  candy would be doled out a piece at a time.

But happily, I will try to chase away these bittersweet memories with that ten-pound bag of candy I just bought at the warehouse store.  And yes, I am still frugal and that ten-pound bag is the ‘embarrassing’ kind.



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